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About Sellox

Sellox BV was founded in 1984 by Drs. Hans van Griethuysen and has its global headquarters in Leusden, The Netherlands with extensive operations in Europe & Asia.

We started with mechanical locking systems. Today, Sellox has helped pioneer world-class innovations in access control and locking solutions under the guidance & expertise of Drs. Hans van Griethuysen. Sellox collaborates with its customers, offering integrated and scalable security solutions that will remain relevant for years to come.

Due to her long history and many nationwide large volume projects, Sellox has built up an extensive knowledge of mechanical and intelligent locking systems. With over 30 years of experience, Sellox has a strong customer base in all verticals across the globe including Government, Data Centres, Utilities, Telecoms and Transport.

Innovation – Innovation is our driving principle and is demonstrated in overall spirit of conducting business. We are open to changes to our traditional way of doing business which enables us in countering the emerging industry challenges and helps us in continuously meeting the market requirement.

Teamwork – We foster an environment that encourages employees to work together and share resources to provide greater value to our customers, business partners and stakeholders.We use our diverse skillset & talent coupled with our commitment to achieve operational excellence in developing ingenious security solutions.

Collaboration – We believe in delivering results through collaboration. We collaborate across verticals to create interesting business opportunities and stimulate long term growth and our sustained competitive advantages.

Integrity – We commit to the highest standards of individual and corporate integrity which resonates in everything we do. We communicate with authenticity in what we believe is right and are fully accountable for our actions.

Vision – Our vision is to be an enterprising security products and services provider and continue our efforts in providing integrated security solutions to our customers.

Mission – We want to be an all-encompassing security solutions provider; one whose name becomes synonymous with reliable security solutions.

Sellox BV has a background and expertise in electro-mechanical locking and integrated security solutions, including;

  • Door hardware, locking requirements and intelligent key management
  • Access control systems suitable for large infrastructure projects
  • IT based software solutions, including online, real-time and mobile
  • Consultancy service that provides assistance with specifying the correct hardware, software and installation requirements.

The access control market is quickly evolving, sometimes making it harder to choose the right solution. We work with you, structuring a project plan that addresses your specific security needs. The correct solution will help transform the way in which you manage and protect your property, assets and infrastructure.

Our Method of Working

Our company’s success has everything to do with our culture, values and people. Our passion to deliver outstanding products and services thrives through determination and team work.

The relationships we develop are fully based on trust and mutual respect. This is because we have always stayed true to our founding culture and values:

  • Delivering quality products and support to our customers and partners,
  • Ensuring the well-being and development of our employees,
  • Conducting ourselves and our business practices with integrity,
  • Innovating with cutting-edge information technology, and
  • Improving the quality of life through social responsibility

Controlling access to secure areas without wiring or power is our business!

HQ Holland

Sellox Consultancy Service

  • Individual needs analysis
  • System design and specification appropriate software package
  • Drafting of an organisational chart, with hierarchy
  • System checked and accepted by you and your planners
  • Final design of locking solution, followed by installation