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CyberKey Authorisers: Program Keys and Retrieve Audit Trails

Key control can be challenging and complex. We provide a variety of solutions to suit any application, regardless of whether your keys are local or far away.

  • For small installations you can update your keys through USB programming stations connected to your PC or laptop
  • If staff frequently pass through a reception area or site entrance keys can be updated via Keypads
  • For keys regularly used and returned keys can be managed by our key Cabinets
  • For those that work from home or ‘on the road’ keys can be updated by a Smart phone

A wide Variety of Key Authorisers

Key Cabinet: Vault20

  • Stores upto 20 CyberKeys
  • Programs and Audits Keys
  • Charges a Keys Battery
  • Key Sharing Facility
  • Integrates with RFID Cards
  • Communicates in real-time
  • Improves Key Control
  • Reduces Man Power
  • Streamlines Processes

Types of CyberKey

Key Programmer, indoor and outdoor use
Key Programmer with PIN, indoor and outdoor use
Flex Vault
Flex VaultFS-CV01
Key Programmer and Key Safe, ideal for outdoor locations
Vault 20FX
Vault 20FXCKV-020S
Key Cabinet for dispensing 20 CyberKeys. Indoor installation